Can dance

Give me a beat! Your Child can now dance and may even do better than you.

Can dance

Give me a beat! Your Child can now dance and may even do better than you.

Your Child’s body control has developed enough for dancing, and the little one does so completely naturally. When children dance, it helps their muscle development along with some important skills, such as listening and coordination, if the little one is copying your movements. It’s a great way to have fun together while helping Your Child stay active. For kids that have not walked, dancing could mean swaying while seated.

How to support this development
Parents can easily support a child’s interest in dancing by turning up the music and letting the child get creative! You can be an active participant by choosing an easy song, such as The Chicken Dance, to dance together. Some kids also enjoy a good hip hop beat, electronic music, or a waltz.

Note: All children develop differently and at their own pace. For children born preterm, the referred timeframe for achieving the various developmental milestones might be incorrect.

Sources: The information and graphs about when children reach specific milestones are taken from various sources, including the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Denver Developmental Screening Test, and the State Institute of Early Childhood Research, Germany (IFP).



Ketsupa Jirakarn (Mental health specialist) (13 June 2021)

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