The first teeth appear

Your Child’s first tooth is coming. Yeah !!!

The first teeth appear

Your Child’s first tooth is coming. Yeah !!! 

While teething can begin as early as 3 months, you’ll likely see the first tooth pushing through your baby’s gum line when your little one is between 4 and 8 months old. However, note that each kid develops at their own pace, and it is not a sign of calcium deficiency. Usually, the first few teeth that come out are the lower, middle two teeth. These are followed by the upper, middle two teeth. 

Teething can be an unpleasant experience for children because it causes gum pain, so make sure you’re extra patient with your little one during this time.

How to support this development
Soothe Your Child’s teething pain by providing a safe teething toy for the little one to chew on. Refrigerated damp towels are also a great option as the cold can temporarily soothe Your Child’s sore gum.

Note: All children develop differently and at their own pace. For children born preterm, the referred timeframe for achieving the various developmental milestones might be incorrect.

Source: The information and graphs about when children reach specific milestones are taken from various sources, including the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Denver Developmental Screening Test, and the State Institute of Early Childhood Research, Germany (IFP).


Ketsupa Jirakarn (Mental health specialist) (11 June 2021)

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