Breastfeeding problems: not enough milk


Breastfeeding problems: not enough milk

It’s common for first-time moms not to have enough milk, and this might be the main reason for not sticking to breastfeeding.

Every baby is different; how much and how long a baby drinks vary greatly. A newborn may drink anywhere from 40-90 ml of milk; at 4 months, they drink around 120-180 ml; and by 6 months, around 180-240 ml. The frequency of feeding also varies greatly, from 4 times to up to 13 times a day. And a nursing session can be from as short as 12 minutes to as long as an hour.

Worrying signs of low milk supply
Having small breasts, no leakages of breast milk, or not producing much milk from pumping do not mean you have a low supply. Low milk supply can be a concern when you see that your child is not thriving. Here are a few alarming signs:

Ways to make sure you have enough milk for your baby
There are a few things you can do every day to make sure your body is producing an adequate supply of milk for your child to grow healthily.

If you continue to have problems with low milk production, talk to your doctor or a lactation professional — they may recommend alternative practices, such as breast massages, dietary recommendations, or some adjustments to your current routines.

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