Foods to avoid during breastfeeding

Foods to avoid during breastfeeding

Although there is no list of specific foods you should avoid during breastfeeding, certain foods may not be good for your breastfeeding infant, so you should limit how you consume them. Even for regular foods, moderate consumption is essential to achieving the right nutritional status during this time.

Foods to limit
Breast milk is regulated by your body, meaning that some ingredients that could cross the placenta during pregnancy do not get to your baby through breastmilk. However, many experts still recommend keeping these foods to a minimum.

Controversial foods
The flavor and taste of your breast milk do change with your diet, and your baby may or may not prefer a particular flavor. So, look for bodily cues and reactions such as fussiness, bloating, or even drunken smiles to see if your baby likes it or not.

Eating a variety of foods to maintain good nutrition during breastfeeding is vital for your baby’s development. And, unless your doctor or pediatrician recommends avoiding certain foods, eating a variety of food can make your baby’s transition to solid foods easier when they are ready.

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