How to increase milk production


How to increase milk production

There are many beliefs and misconceptions about how to increase a mother’s milk production. Fact is, it should always start with proper latch and frequent feeding. 

Why you may not have enough milk
Knowing a few factors that contribute to poor milk supply can help you achieve your goal.

How to increase production
Firstly, to avoid poor supply, you should try to avoid the practices mentioned above. If you feel you have ticked all the boxes but still wish to increase supply, there are a few strategies that can help your body increase milk production.

Natural ways
Here are some natural things you can do to improve milk production:

If you are exclusively pumping, you can shorten the time between each pumping session — for example, from every 3 hours to every 2 hours. Or you can pump longer in each session — for example, instead of 20 minutes, you pump for 30 minutes.

Lactation foods or drinks
Galactagogues is the term used to label foods that have milk-boosting properties. They come in many forms and flavors and are often based on deeply rooted cultural beliefs.

However, there are many instances where the body cannot establish full milk supply even with good latches — mostly due to anatomical reasons or ill health. If you think this is the case, it is highly recommended to seek professional help or a lactation specialist. They can evaluate your needs and suggest proper treatment or adjustments to your routines.

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