34 Weeks Pregnant

The lungs, brain, and central nervous system are almost fully developed. Some of your pregnancy symptoms might get better or even disappear, as Your Baby drops head down into your pelvis.

Your Baby ’s development
This week, Your Baby ’s fingernails grow to reach the fingertips, and the little one passes about 500 ml of urine each day and has formed some first poo (meconium). Your Baby now weighs about 2.1 kg and measures about 45cm — the size of a cantaloupe melon.

Important organs: Your Baby ’s lungs, brain, and central nervous system continue to develop very fast and are almost ready, except the lungs which still need to mature further.

Antibodies: The little one now gets your antibodies, which will be used to fight off potential attacks from bacteria or viruses after birth.

Fluid changes: From this week to about week 36, the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding Your Baby peaks. At week 37, the amount will decrease to allow more room for Your Baby ’s ever-increasing size. 

Appearance: Your Baby ’s skin looks smoother, while the growing arms and legs look more chubby due to the increase in fat accumulation. At this stage, the quantity of white fat is approximately 8% of the body weight.

Your development
By now, you may be breathing a lot better because Your Baby has started descending into your pelvis in readiness for delivery, thereby reducing the pressure on your lungs. This phenomenon is known as “lightening” and usually marks the beginning of labor. But, for the first pregnancy, “lightning” can occur several weeks before labor. 

What you can do now
As new parents, you’ll likely have some sleepless nights, especially when your baby has trouble falling asleep no matter what you do. So, if you are feeling too exhausted to be a good and attentive parent, you may consider sleep-training your child.

The myth about sleep training: There are several sleep-training methods, and it’s important to understand the most common myths behind them. So, find out the circumstances under which sleep-training can be good and situations where they may be harmful to Your Baby

One thing is certain: Your Baby wants nothing more than being close to you, especially during the darkness of the night. If you turn to sleep training so you can become a better mom during the day, ensure you look for gentle ways of doing that. Maybe, you find a way to co-sleep with Your Baby right next to your bed.


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