Myth about coconut water during pregnancy


Myth about coconut water during pregnancy

There are some old beliefs about coconut water. Some are positive, while some are negative. This article will help clarify some of them.

Myth: The baby will have fairer skin and thicker hair.
There’s a belief that drinking coconut water will cause the baby to have fairer skin and thicker hair. Many moms try and hope this will come true.

Truth: Your Child’s skin color and thickness of the hair depends on genetic factors and cannot be altered just by drinking coconut water.

Myth: Coconut water causes miscarriage
Some Asian parents are not drinking coconut water during their early stage of pregnancy because they believe coconut water causes contractions and will lead to miscarriage.

Truth: It’s true that coconut water contains estrogen, a female sex hormone. Estrogen can cause swelling of the breast, contractions, and other symptoms. But the amount of estrogen in coconut water is way too little to cause any action.

So, should or shouldn’t?
Coconut water during pregnancy is considered to be a good source of nutrients. It’s lower in calories, sugar, and sodium than fruit juices. It’s also naturally fat-free, low in cholesterol, and free of added colorings and flavorings. It’s safe, and if you enjoy it, there’s really no reason to avoid.

Other benefits of coconut water
Other than many nutrients contained, drinking coconut water also boosts your immune system to protect you and Your Child from diseases and infections. Moreover, it may help reduce morning sickness and relax sore or tense muscles and joints. 

It also helps treat constipation. The fiber and magnesium found in coconut water have a gentle laxative effect that draws water into the stool, making it softer and, therefore, easier to pass. Moreover, it’s also found to be effective in heartburn and acidity. 

What do I need to consider?
Natural coconut water is better than canned or bottled ones. Consume the water soon after opening, as a fresh one will contain rich nutrients. You can drink up to one glass of coconut water a day. The best time to consume coconut water is early in the morning because the electrolytes and nutrients can be easily absorbed when your stomach is empty.

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