29 weeks pregnant


29 weeks pregnant

Your Child is now growing faster, getting bigger and stronger while muscles and lungs keep maturing. With your enlarging uterus exerting pressure on your lungs, you may experience shortness of breath.

Your Child’s development
Your Child now weighs about 1.35kg and measures about 38 cm in height — the size of a guava.

Getting stronger: Your Child is much more active in kicking and stretching, and you may be feeling jabs and pokes from the little elbows and knees. The movements are probably getting more vigorous and less erratic than before.

White fat: The amount of fat is rapidly increasing, especially white fat, which is increasing to approximately 3.5% of the body weight this week. In just 12 weeks, Your Child’s body will contain around 16% of such fat. White fat has many purposes: It provides the largest energy reserve in the body. It’s a thermal insulator and cushion for the internal organs, as well as serve as cushions during external interactions with our environment. The fat accumulates under the skin and smoothes out wrinkles.

Your development
Your growing baby and the increased level of progesterone can cause shortness of breath. Normally, it’s nothing to be concerned about, unless it’s severe and you experience pain. In this case, consult your doctor.

Varicose veins: Another common symptom at this stage of pregnancy is the appearance of varicose veins. You should try to promote blood circulation by raising your legs and moving them often. Also, avoid excessive stress. Stress increases the levels of cortisone in your body, and higher levels of this stress-hormone decrease your skin’s ability to stretch, which results in more stretch marks. 

Headaches: Additionally, you may experience forgetfulness and headaches during this last trimester. Try to rest as often as you can, drink enough water, and avoid getting anxious. If you have headaches that affect your mental health or daily routines, go see your doctor.

What you can do
Once your baby is born, you will need a car seat to drive Your Child home safely. But it’s better not to wait until your due date, in case your baby decides to come a little bit earlier. Buying it now will also give you more time to install it correctly and practice fitting before your baby is born.

Note that some countries require a particular seat for infants and another one for toddlers. Do some research before you buy a car seat, as there are so many options, and it’s important to purchase the right type of car seat for Your Child.

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