Sex During Pregnancy

Sex is safe throughout pregnancy unless you have a pregnancy complication, such as unaccounted for vaginal bleeding, an opened cervix, placenta previa, or leaking amniotic fluid.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy
Having sex while you’re pregnant can be really beneficial to you, your partner and your baby. Here are a few of the benefits

  • It reduces stress and pain: The release of the hormone oxytocin during sex can help with the aches and pains and can help relieve stress.
  • It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles: Having an orgasm increases the contractions in your pelvic floor, which help to strengthen the muscles you’ll need for labor and after delivery.
  • It makes you stay in shape: Physical fitness is important for you to stay healthy during pregnancy, and sex is a one way to burn some extra calories.
  • It leads to greater satisfaction and better orgasm: The increased blood flow in the breast and especially the pelvic area during pregnancy can lead to increased sensation and can increase your sexual appetite and satisfaction.

What are some good sex positions during pregnancy?
As your belly grows, there are certain positions that are easier for you and your partner. Here are a few:

  • Spooning on your left side: In this position, you lie on your left side which reduces the weight of your growing womb.
  • You on top: You can be on top. If you want to minimize additional weight on your womb, being on top allows you to control the speed and intensity of movement.
  • Leaning against the wall: You can lean against the wall and let your partner penetrate you from behind – an upright position might reduce some aches and pains of lying on your back.


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