Thai government pregnancy assistance fund


Thai government pregnancy assistance fund

As at early 2018, the Thai Government has several supporting programs for pregnant women.

How many programs?
There are many supporting programs, such as the one-time support fund, monthly support fund, health care for you and Your Child, Welfare Smart Card for low-income parents, tax deductions, and many more. Today, we will introduce you to these five interesting programs:

Child Support Grant: The first interesting one is the Child Support Grant which has been established since around March 2015. There is a registration period each year. The benefit is 600 THB per month from the birth of the child until the baby is 3 years old. The registration is held at the District Office, municipality, or the local Sub-District Office.

Child Care Supporting Fund: You can get the privilege from your social security rights like the Child Care Supporting Fund. The benefit of Child Care Supporting Fund is to receive 400 THB per month from when the child is born until the baby is 6-year-old. By the way, you have to choose only one privilege between Child Supporting Grant and Child Care Supporting Fund because these two cannot be in conjunction with each other. 

Child Delivery Support: As for Child Delivery Supporting Fund, you can withdraw for 13,000 THB per one delivery. Also, you can have a supporting fund for having a Maternity leave. 

Health Insurance Card: The card is separated into two sections; for 0-5 year and for 6-24 year. The purpose is to emphasize on antenatal care, vaccination, and child development check-up. The card also includes the care of common diseases, specific kinds of diseases, and some other health cares.  

Tax Deduction: The expenses from antenatal care and child delivery can be used for the tax deduction of personal income tax, up to a maximum of 60,000 THB per year. The amount of deduction is quite helpful. However, it has to be an expense that is paid after January 1, 2018.

Please be aware that each program has different details and registration periods. Before you go for these privileges, please look for more information from related organizations and prepare all the documents for your own comfort and that of Your Child too. 

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