Who takes care of high-risk pregnancies?


Who takes care of high-risk pregnancies?

Women with complicated or high-risk pregnancies are often taken care of by a perinatologist, also known as maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialists. 

What is maternal-fetal medicine?
MFM specialists are obstetricians who completed extra years of training on how to manage pregnancy complications, which may arise at any stage of pregnancy. They attend to expecting mums with serious conditions that require specialized care. They are also called perinatologists and high-risk pregnancy doctors.

What does an MFM specialist do?
The job of an MFM specialist includes the following:

What is considered a high-risk pregnancy?
A pregnancy is considered high risk if:

If you think you have a high-risk pregnancy, talk to your doctor about whether an MFM is necessary to mitigate the risks and help you get through your pregnancy safely.

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