Common misconceptions about pregnancy


Common misconceptions about pregnancy

There’s a lot of myth mixed in with all of the information and advice you’ll receive. All this can be overwhelming and often misleading.

It’s important that you don’t believe everything you hear. Here are some of the most common misconceptions.

Eating pineapple causes miscarriage
The myth that says that eating pineapple will cause a miscarriage is based on the presence of a compound in pineapple called bromelain. The logic behind it is that bromelain breaks down proteins, and, because your young embryo is made up of proteins, bromelain consumption can cause bleeding and miscarriage. 

However, the truth is that the fruit is very unlikely to cause any problems. Eating a normal portion of fresh pineapple is safe for you and Your Child. It could be problematic if you eat about seven to ten whole pineapples in one go to consume enough bromelain to create a problem.

Coconut water causes miscarriage
Some said that drinking coconut water during the early stage of pregnancy will cause miscarriage. This belief may come from the fact that coconut water contains Estrogen — a primary female sex hormone which can cause swelling in your breasts and other symptoms. 

The truth is coconut water during pregnancy is considered to be the best source of nutrients. And do not worry about the Estrogen. Pregnant women already have a very high level of estrogen during pregnancy. When you examine the coconut water, the amount of the hormone in them is way too little to cause a problem.

Looking at cute baby pictures make my baby cute too
It’s an old wives’ tale that looking at cute baby pictures will make my baby look cute too. The myth is so strong that it passed on generations to generations till today.

The fact is that for the most part, it is the genes that are passed on to Your Child from you and your husband that will determine what your baby looks like. There is little you can do to influence the physical appearance. The general physical makeup of Your Child is written long before birth. 

Choosing an auspicious day will bless the baby
In some Asian countries, many people believe that birthday and birth time determines a person’s destiny. Therefore, some parents would ask a monk or fortuneteller to pick a lucky date and time for a Cesarean section to deliver the baby so that the baby will be blessed with good health, wealth, and fame. 

However, doctors discourage inducing labor or planning a cesarean just for the sake of choosing Your Child’s date of birth. These procedures may carry risks for you and Your Child and are only advised if there is a medical need.

Carefully consider the pros and cons of the procedures before taking the decision.

Do not wash your hair for a month after giving birth
Some believe that the mother’s skin is “loose”, and water can enter the body through the pores in the skin causing swelling, arthritis, and rheumatism later in life. And since there are so many pores on your head, washing your hair may induce headaches, and you could just catch a cold that can be passed to the baby.

There is no scientific evidence that washing your hair is a bad idea. Personal hygiene, in fact, is highly recommended. 

Maybe the reason for this tradition is to promote 30 days of solitude so that mom and baby can be together, and nobody disturbs them — which is probably a good thing as long as the two get enough support from the father and family.

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