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Bananas are soft, sweet, easy to eat, and rich in nutrients. They are one of the best solid foods for children who have reached the stage when they can eat solid foods.

When to introduce bananas to children
You can give your child bananas when you start introducing semi-solid foods, which is generally after children reach six months of life. You can start by feeding your child two teaspoons of mashed bananas in a day, or cut a similar amount into small pieces and encourage Your Child to eat independently — which supports fine motor skills and gives the little one a sense of agency.

Health benefits of bananas

Precautions to take when feeding bananas

How to store bananas
Unpeeled bananas should be stored at room temperature and not in the refrigerator. If you make pureed bananas, divide them into serving portions and freeze. Don’t worry if the puree turns brown. This is natural and does not mean it’s unsafe for your baby to eat. 

If, however, you want to reverse the process that causes the browning, you can dip slices of the bananas in lemon juice, lime juice, or apple juice. The ascorbic acid in these citrus juices will counter the browning without affecting the flavor of the bananas.

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