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Pure unsweetened fruit juices are a good source of vitamin C. However, they contain natural sugar and are acidic. The combination of sugar and acidity can damage children’s teeth. 

When to introduce fruit juice to Your Child
It is recommended that you wait until after your baby is 12 months old before offering them juice. Pediatricians often advise against giving Your Child juice regularly, because juice can cause tooth decay and provide lots of calories without the nutrition children get from other foods.

Tips to give juice the right way
However, if you choose to give Your Child fruit juice, these tips might help:

Potential dangers associated with fruit juice

Use fruit juice to treat constipation
Constipation can sometimes occur when a younger child (especially under age 1) starts eating solid foods. Some doctors recommend the use of a small amount of fruit juice to treat constipation. So, if Your Child has constipation, 100 percent pure apple, prune, or pear juice may help. Before you use juice as treatment, consult your child’s doctor.

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