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Seafood and shellfish have plenty of protein, as well as B-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and iron. All these are nutrients that important for your baby’s growth and the brain’s development. However some seafood does contain Mercury, which is poison for your baby.

What to eat: Here some of the best seafood you can eat. 

What to eat with consideration: Certain farmed fish and some kind of frozen fish that are destined to be eaten raw in dishes like sushi are safe to eat if they are from reliable sources:

What to avoid: Avoid raw, undercooked or contaminated seafood to avoid harmful bacteria or viruses in:

Also avoid fish that’s potentially high in mercury. The bigger and older the fish are, the more likely to contain mercury. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) encourages pregnant women to avoid:


Dr. Wanwadee Sapmee Panyakat (OB-GYN) (1 July 2020)


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