Ways to elevate your mood

Mental health

Ways to elevate your mood

Everyone experiences periods when they feel unhappy, restless, lonely, or irritable. Some may even feel depressed. There are some simple things you can do to lift your mood.

Why you need to take care of your mood
Depression and loneliness are now the leading cause of mental health problems. People in these situations find it difficult to concentrate at work and may have problems caring for their children. Loneliness can raise your blood pressure and increase your risk of heart disease, poor sleep, and general cognitive decline. But the good news is, there are simple daily practices, as well as longer-term solutions, which science has shown can positively affect the mood.

Simple short-term tricks
These are some things you can do to elevate your mood:

Try these with an open mind. You can practice some of them every morning or use them as a reset button to start a new task. Start with the ones you feel most comfortable with, or that are easiest for you. 

Simple steps in interacting with others
Interacting with others can also boost your mood. Research has shown that social connection generally has a protective effect against depression. Try these simple tricks when you talk to someone:

Long-term activities
Here are some daily routines that can help maintain your mental health:

By investing some energy in taking care of yourself, you’ll begin to value yourself and desire to keep yourself happy. Treat yourself with love and respect, the same way you would treat a loved one.

Seek help if you’ve tried and failed to elevate your mood with our tips or if you feel continuous emptiness, sadness, loss of interest in normal activities, or sleep/eating disturbances. Talk to someone you can trust or seek professional help. Mental health disorders can be treated with medication and counseling, even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Thank you note
This article about ways to elevate your mood was made in collaboration and with the support of the Pranaiya & Arthur Magoffin Foundation — Better Well-Being for Parents & Babies.

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